Areas of activity:

  • Developing and maintaining networks
  • Strengthening the regional network
  • Developing regional knowledge management
  • Supporting businesses searching for new sites
  • Offering information and advice in matters of funding
  • Acting as a mediator between resident businesses and businesses seeking new sites, company founders, landowners, investors and project developers, district policy, administration

Neighbourhood Management Scheme

The neighbourhood management scheme at Standpunkt Liesing is set up to focus entirely on consultancy and information services relating to the business area. The project office, located on Perfektastrasse in Vienna, ensures that the neighbourhood management scheme is also at the geographic heart of the development.

By establishing its own neighbourhood management scheme, Standpunkt Liesing holds a significant advantage as a location, raising its standards above those of other business sites across Austria. Developed as a service for businesses, it accelerates the formation of networks between businesses, and puts in place corresponding measures to further enhance the advantages of the site in the
future, together with the businesses themselves. As such, it represents an exemplary model for a business area—both for Vienna and on an international level.

The provision of solid structures and consultancy services, intended to enable sustainability measures to be implemented by all businesses on-site, forms the focus of the activities undertaken by the neighbourhood management scheme. Many businesses are already making the most of the opportunity, voicing their opinions on issues relevant to the site during networking and dialogue events. Starting with the specific needs of the individual businesses, the companies are able to identify opportunities for cooperation and synergies, and to explore possibilities for how to take advantage of them.

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